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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
19812080771552618383432598Liam NewmanCoorparoo2021/2022B1 Grade4 1South Brisbane
2814968811552618381638181Jeffrey M LituriCoorparoo2021/2022First Grade3 1Cleveland Thornlands
36411015991552618383460664Yeswanth KalvaCoorparoo2021/2022C4 GRADE4 1Redland Sharks
46310409621552618383432563Joshua R SaulCoorparoo2021/2022B1 Grade4 1South Brisbane
56318568431552618383451963Matthew SimmonsCoorparoo2021/2022B3 Grade4 1Cleveland Thornlands
66022321581552618383460660Roger PriestCoorparoo2021/2022C4 GRADE4 1Redland Sharks
7599632011552618381705059Gautham Balachandran NairCoorparoo2021/2022C4 GRADE3 1West Brisbane
8573240201552618381638157Chris DishotCoorparoo2021/2022First Grade3 1Cleveland Thornlands
95610569681552618380990956*Dan StriblingCoorparoo2021/2022B3 Grade1 1Springwood Suns
10531159771552618383451953Steve PidcockCoorparoo2021/2022B3 Grade4 1Cleveland Thornlands
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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