Past and present players Chris Johnston, Rod Taylor, Marc Fidler and Stephen Huggett
chose the Team of the 25 Years.  Statistics were provided and where possible
information was gathered on players who played prior to 1984-85 due to the fact that no
scorebooks were available for the Club's first 5 years.


The team is a mixture of current and former players and was chosen in batting order:-



GLENN PEARCE 1982-2004

Opening Batsman/Wicketkeeper/Captain


Games Played: 252

Premierships: 10

Batting: 5321 runs, average 22.84, 100's: 1, 50's: 21, HS: 102 vs Indooroopilly District

Bowling: 10 wickets, 22.30 average, 10W/M: 0, 5W/I: 0, BB 3-6 vs Stafford

Fielding: 306 catches, 26 stumpings


One of the longest serving players in the Club and a life member, Glenn was chosen as
one of the opening batsman in the side and also as wicketkeeper where he took an
astonishing 322 dismissals over a 23 year career.  Pearce was an automatic choice in
the side given his record of over 5000 runs and was also named captain of the team
after captaining Coorparoo to 5 A1 premierships.




Opening Batsman


Games Played: 76

Premierships: 3

Batting: 2584 runs, 27.78 average, 100's: 3, 50's 14, HS: 117* vs West Brisbane

Bowling: 10 wickets, 18.60 average, 10W/M: 0, 5W/I: 0, BB 2-22 vs Indooroopilly District

Fielding: 46 catches


Since making his debut in the 1997-98 "Macca" quickly made his mark and has been one
of the most consistent players to play for the Club, averaging over 20 in each season.
McInerney has also represented the Club in Sub Districts representative sides and is
expected to one day take the mantle of having the most runs for the Club.




JEFF LANGLEY 1984-1989

Middle Order Batsman


Games Played: 51

Premierships: 1

Batting: 1914 runs, 43.50 average, 100's: 2, 50's: 12, HS: 143 vs Indooroopilly District

Bowling: 19 wickets, 23.47 average, 10W/M: 0, 5W/I: 0, BB 3-28 vs Moorooka

Fielding: 23 catches


With a batting average of 43.50, this former Sheffield Shield player was destined to be

chosen as a middle order batsman in the Team of 25 Years.  Holds the club record of
most runs in a season with 813 back in 1986-87, a record which will take some beating.
Also captained the A1 team back in the early years.



GAVIN TRASK 1991-2003



Games Played: 154

Premierships: 7

Batting: 6303 runs, 41.47 average, 100's: 9, 50's: 41, HS: 181 vs Indooroopilly Rangers

Bowling: 361 wickets, 13.71 average, 10W/M: 1, 5W/I: 14, BB: 8-48 vs Wellington Point

Fielding: 73 catches


One of the first players picked in the team, Trask has an amazing record, holding
several records including the highest individual score for a batsman for the Club and the
most career runs.  Has also been awarded the Player of the Year Award in 1996/97,
1998/99 and again in 1999/00.  Also has captained 4 A1 premiership teams.




Middle Order Batsman



Games Played: 102

Premierships: 6

Batting: 2024 runs, 22.49 average, 100's: 2, 50's: 6, HS 122 vs Gap Pastimes

Bowling: 6 wickets, 47.50 average, 10W/M: 0, 5W/I: 0, BB: 1-3 vs Taringa

Fielding: 45 catches


Michael was a consistent player for a 12 year period in mostly A1 teams, playing in 6
premiership sides.  Regarded as a great fielder by those who played with him.





Middle Order Batsman


Games Played: 224

Premierships: 7

Batting: 4394 runs, 17.79 average, 100s: 2, 50's: 17, HS 108 vs Wellers Hill

Bowling: 73 wickets, 20.58 average, 10W/M: 0, 5W/I: 0, BB: 4-17 vs Northern Ramblers

Fielding: 164 catches, 11 stumpings


Since making his debut in the 1988/89 season, "Pratty" has been one of the most
durable players missing only a handful of matches.  Has also become a successful
captain winning back to back premierships in 04/05 (A2) and 05/06 (A1).  A handy back
up wicketkeeper in this team and became a life member in 2004/05.







Games Played: 250

Premierships: 12

Batting: 5379 runs, 26.37 average, 100's: 2, 50's: 24, HS 110 vs Ashgrove

Bowling: 529 wickets, 13.76 average, 10W/M: 3, 5W/I: 23, BB: 7-11 vs West Brisbane

Fielding: 131 catches


Another one of the first people picked in the Team of the 25 Years, quite possibly the
only honour missing from a brilliant career.  Recently surpassed the incredible
milestone of 5000 runs and 500 wickets and continues to produce the results.  Winner
of Paul Stafford Medal in 2004/05 and runner up in 2005/06.  Has also taken 2 hat-tricks,
is a life member of the Club and the most successful premiership player in the Club,
winning an amazing 12.




MARK MCLEAN 1980-1998



Games Played: 108

Premierships: 4

Batting: 1302 runs, 18.34 average, 100's: 0, 50's: 5, HS: 76* vs Taringa

Bowling: 234 wickets, 12.16 average, 10W/M: 0, 5W/I: 4, BB: 6-15 vs Indooroopilly District

Fielding: 40 catches


Fine allrounder whose statistics don’t tell the full story because of the missing
scorebooks from prior to 1984-85.  Consistent bowler and more than handy batsman and
widely regarded by those who played with him as the best bowler they have played with.







Games Played: 206

Premierships: 6

Batting: 2327 runs, 16.39 average, 100's: 0, 50's: 3, HS: 91* vs Ashgrove

Bowling: 482 wickets, 12.06 average, 10W/M: 2, 5W/I: 14, BB: 7-16 vs Brookfield

Fielding: 81 catches


Consistent player over a number of years who was largely responsible for a C2
premiership victory in 1996/97 playing a huge role in the Grand Final.  Big clubman who
wears his heart on his sleeve and could not be left out of this team.  Should achieve the
staggering feat of 500 wickets in the 2006/07 season.



RICK BADRICK 1990-2005

Fast Bowler


Games Played: 97

Premierships: 3

Batting: 1324 runs, 17.19 average, 100's: 0, 50's: 4, HS: 78 vs Brookfield

Bowling: 326 wickets, 8.43 average, 10W/M: 7, 5W/I: 27, BB: 7-23 vs Rochedale South

Fielding: 47 catches


One of the first bowlers picked in this side due to his amazing strike-rate and average
over a number of seasons in every grade.  Has taken 5 wickets an innings on a
mammoth 27 occasions and also has the ability to churn out runs when needed.  Was
named Player of the Year in 2000/01.





Fast Bowler


Games Played: 40

Premierships: 2

Batting: 121 runs, 6.72 average, 100's: 0, 50's: 0, HS: 21 vs Indooroopilly District

Bowling: 96 wickets, 10.79 average, 10W/M: 0, 5W/I: 2, BB: 6-32 vs Logan City

Fielding: 10 catches


One of the few left arm quick bowlers to make an impact for the club and was a key
selection in this team due to his strike-rate and ability to perform at the highest grade.








Games Played: 75

Premierships: 0

Batting: 1665 runs, 22.50 average, 100's: 2, 50's: 5, HS: 105* vs Logan City

Bowling: 245 wickets, 9.45 average, 10W/M: 3, 5W/I: 13, BB: 8-3 vs Springwood

Fielding: 43 catches


Unlucky not to make the starting team in a very strong side.  Very consistent
performer in every team he has played in.  Won the inaugural Paul Stafford Medal in
2002/03 in a tie with teammate Craig Louis.  Continues to take wickets at a miserly