Date of Event Coorparoo Cricket Club: Thu Jan 28, 2021 8:50PM

Dear Coorparoo Cricket Family,

The club would like to thank everyone that supported us last year with our ‘Save Cricket at Coorparoo’ petition to the Brisbane City Council. The volume of support was incredible with over 2,000 people signing up. We have been told that this was one of Council’s all-time highest petitions. Well done!

As you may be aware, Brisbane City Council publicly responded to the petition today (Thursday 28 January 2021). Whilst we welcome the response, we note that our petition was submitted over six months ago (24 July 2020). Unfortunately, this is not unusual form for Council.

Coorparoo Cricket Club are disappointed with Council’s response to our community’s outpouring of support. Our club lived and thrived at C.P. Bottomley Park for a quarter century. However, Council stated that it is not their policy to engage in discussions or mediation between disagreeing Council facility users. If this is not Council’s job, then whose is it?

Council justified Coorparoo Cricket Club’s eviction by saying that cricket will remain a fixture of C.P. Bottomley Park. To date we have not witnessed any cricket played at the site; only the destruction of the cricket block on Peter Burge Oval. We do note that Easts Rugby Union is hosting a junior Blaster cricket program starting this Friday night. Blasters cricket is a skills-based cricket program that does not use turf wickets, nor full sized cricket ovals. We also note the timing of the Council response and the commencement of the Blasters program.

Coorparoo Cricket Club are disappointed with the position that Queensland Cricket has taken in with regards to our eviction. The lack of representation we received from our governing body was heart breaking and their complete apathy towards losing two turf blocks in Inner Brisbane should raise red flags for other cricket clubs and associations.

In their response, Council mentioned that Coorparoo Cricket Club were offered the use of the Balmoral High School oval (Balmoral Sports Complex). This field is a synthetic cricket wicket and as such, unsuitable for the kind of cricket we play. This further demonstrated the lack of understanding by Council of the value of C.P. Bottomley Park’s turf blocks.  This would be like an AFL club being offered a rectangular soccer field to play their games on.

Council may well say that “its not my job” to get involved in sub-tenant disputes. But we are committed to continuing our fight and to remain a positive, active member of the Inner East sporting community. 

Stay tuned for updates.

Marc Fidler


 Coorparoo Cricket Club

Last updated: Friday September 17, 2021 3:51PM
Author: Todd Duncan