A message from the President!
Date of Event Coorparoo Cricket Club: Wed Jul 3, 2019 9:40AM

Players, Past Players, Supporters & Sponsors,


You will see from a couple of recent posts that things dont's stop during the off season and that plently of work is being done to ready ourselves for not only the next season but with Kara Cook's news, hopefully the longer term future of the club also.


The news that significant funds are going to be spent on restoration work to Bottomley Park is huge. What this will involve is still to be communicated but hopefully with these funds and the Grant Money we have secured we can tick a few projects off our wish list. Regardless it is excellent news for both us and of course Easts R.U. Club as there should be improvements that won't need to come out of either clubs budgets leaving funds for other things. Stay tuned for more updates as they come to hand.


They other post you will have noticed is the initial list of Player Numbers. Plucka has done a massive amount of work to generate this list. He has also been working closely with MyCricket to correct our club records and remove those "get lost" grades that were stuffing up our numbers. If you have a look you will see that the figures on MyCricket are pretty much identical now to those in the lists on the website Pluck has been maintaining. All of our records have have been created without the first 2 or 3 years of scorebooks so be assured we didn't start with 4 players but Pluck has done an awesome job from the information he had.


We hope that the Player Numbers can be utilised on our playing shirts or on our Caps - certainly for the current day players. What we also hope that the lists generate discussion, brings back some memories (I am already seeing posts from Rod Buchner reminiscing about the old days) and most importantly reconnect with past players.


If anyone has any queries about the list or provide any more information about our early years please contact the club through this page. We would love to hear a few more stories or even better, see a few old faces around the club. We hope that what we are doing currently would be approved of by the founding members.


Some reonvations & improvements to the clubhouse & grounds are taking place which will make the upcoming season an absolute cracker!


Congratulations to Liam for taking the Golf Day Trophy - it was a very bitter pill to swallow losing it after 2 years but I coped okay..... I went home and cried into my Staffo!


Stay tuned for announcements regarding the AGM, keep your eye out for new players who might like to play at the CCC, hope you're enjoying the World Cup and having a good winter break!


Marc " FIdso " Fidler

El Presidente

Coorparoo C.C.

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