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Paul Stafford Medal 2022/23

B3s all-rounder Nitin Kashyap won the 2022/23 Paul Stafford Medal on Saturday night.

Held at the Norman Park Bowls Club, Kashyap won with 20 votes, with one vote between second and fifth place. It’s Kashyap’s first Paul Stafford Medal.

Josh Saul (second) finished with 15 votes, while Jake Peach, James Collins, and Amandeep Thatai all finished with 14 votes. Myles Topp also reached his 150-game milestone.

Individual awards were as follows: A1: Batting – Pat Cameron; Bowling – Jakson Thiele; All-Rounder – Aaron Trask; Fielding – Ethan Bowditch-Wharton. B1: Batting – Tom Land; Bowling – Todd Duncan; All-Rounder – Josh Saul; Fielding – Tom Dudley. B3: Batting – Amandeep Thatai; Bowling – James Collins; All-Rounder – Nitin Kashyap; Fielding – Ben Corling. C4: Batting – Matt Brown; Bowling – Charlie Wilkinson; All-Rounder – Ross Frieberg; Fielding – Jack Fidler.

The 2022/23 All Blues team was also announced: 1. Amandeep Thatai (B1/B3) 2. Aaron Trask (A1) 3. Pat Cameron (A1) 4. Jeff Lituri – c (A1) 5. Tom Land (B1) 6. Tom Cameron (A1/B1) 7. Nitin Kashyap (B3/C4) 8. Josh Saul (B1/B3) 9. Ethan Bowditch-Wharton (A1) 10. Jake Peach (A1/B1) 11. Jakson Thiele (A1) 12. Myles Topp (A1)


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